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Here is an insight into what the woodland looks like each month. Showing you what wild flowers are in bloom, what the trees look like, what the ceremony sites look like and what the view from the top of the valley looks like.


Aprils flowers in the woods

At the beginning of April the woodland floor is looking very green and lush, with Wood Anemones covering much of the ancient wood’s floor. Beautiful little white flower. Tree’s leaves are leafing more everyday. The Wild Cherry trees are one of the first to green up. Then, Larch, Cherry, Hazel, Spruce, Sycamore, Silver Birch. In the second week in April the bluebells start to appear along with thousands of yellow Celindines.., they look like little bright yellow stars. So beautiful. By mid April more bluebells are in flower.

If you dream is to be married within a blue/purple sea of bluebells, i recommend the second, third and fourth weekend in April. The bluebells are at the peak of flowering around the third and fourth weekend in April, depending on the weather of course. They have been known to still be strongly in flower at the beginning of May too. We have Stitchwort (elegant white flower) in the woods too. The wildflowers in April are mainly white, together with the all the cherry blossom, and blue and yellow. Other wildflowers in the woods are; Forget Me Nots, Dandelions, Daisies and some Cow Parsley. I have observed the blossom falling in the wind around the third week in April… So romantic, like nature’s confetti. The tree’s leaves are such a bright green at this time of year. No filters where used in the photos at all! It really is that bright green. The photos were from the 7th April – 20th April.

April’s view from the top of the valley

At the top of the valley is an amazing view South West facing. You enter from the top part of the site just by Valley Yurt, you will see a little wicket gate. You and your guests can all pose to your heart’s content here. The grassland valley is free from any pesticides so we have a large amount of wild flowers and herbs growing here. In April; Bluebells, Daisies, Dandelions, Birds Eye, Gorse and Herb Robert can be seen here.

Ceremony sites in April

As you can see, the showstopper is in the Ancient Wood..with the bluebells being the star attraction. The colour starts to emerge here from the first week in April, right through to the end of April, beginning of May. The bluebells are probably at their best on the third and fourth week of April. The smell is delicious too!

Our second ceremony site, in the younger wood, is close to the marquee. Walk down the lush green isle from the side of the marquee, under the Bird Cherry trees, full of white blossom at this time of year, (from 8th April toward the end of April approx). As you can see from the photos it is a very lush bright green. A few Forget Me Nots on ground level and the woodland Ferns. Both sites have a waterproof sail tied in the trees so you both can say your vows on matter what the weather decides to do.

What the venue looks like in April

Its a lush bright green.. No filters used in these photos! You can see that many trees have unfurled their leaves. As the weeks progress through April the more lush and green it looks. Most of these photos were taken mid April – 20th April. The grass is lush looking too, with lots of Daisies, Violets, Dandelions, Jack In The Hedge, Forget me Nots all dotted around. Truly magical… Some Pink Chamioion can be seen too in the last two weeks of April.

Where the bride gets ready

As well as our 8 great showers we have two bathrooms and room where you can get ready. It is possible for the groom and his best man to get ready at the North End of the site, and for the bride and her bridesmaids to get ready at the South End of the site, as we have two sections of facilities that include showers, toilets, roll top bath, mirrors, plug sockets all next to the full equipped kitchens. This way you don’t see each before the ceremony. Perfect! 

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